On December 04, 2017 Olivia was awarded “The Bravery Award” from Stanford University School of Medicine BioADD Laboratory for her advocacy work for Lyme disease. She is the youngest recipient of this award. While at Stanford, she also gave a presentation on Lyme disease to doctors and researchers.

“The Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery (BioADD) Laboratory is a cutting edge research facility founded in 2010 on the Stanford University Medical Campus. Today’s problems in drug design require complex answers to achieve effective delivery and treatment. The Stanford BioADD Lab helps to solve these problems with advanced modern technology and innovative solutions. Specializing in the creation of biomaterials and drug delivery agents, the lab lends its expertise toward designing and analyzing biomaterials, developing drug delivery devices and formulations, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, and developing smart materials for biomedical applications.” (http://bioadd.stanford.edu/)

Olivia and Dr. Rajadas, the Director of the BioADD Laboratory

Olivia dedicates this award to everyone that suffers from Lyme disease