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LDK Lyme Disease UK – Online Seminar With Olivia Goodreau

Olivia testified in front of the Maryland House & Senate in 2018

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Olivia Interview-May is Lyme Awareness Month & Lake Elsinore CA Poppy Superbloom

News Outlet: ABC7 News LA
News Reporter: Philip Palmer, Eyewitness News Anchor

Consumer Story – Holiday and Olivia Goodreau: Dedicated to Curing Lyme Disease , Tick-Borne Disease Research Program, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

Your Complete Guide to Surviving Tick Season | Sunset

Don’t forget about Lyme disease as the weather improves

Lyme disease is spread to humans by black-legged ticks commonly found outdoors — although our pets may bring them inside.

LivLyme Foundation – May 1, 2019

Bring more awareness to Lyme disease. You can attend the Liv Lyme Gala this Saturday, May 4th at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. You can find tickets and more info at Download the TickTracker app at

“Power of One” award from Focus on Lyme

Olivia was given the “Power of One” award from Focus on Lyme for her advocacy work. Please visit to learn about to learn more about their important work for tick-borne diseases.

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Young scientist and entrepreneur works to raise awareness of Lyme disease | Denver7

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Note: Story starts at 5:40 in video

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Local teen helping to find a cure for Lyme Disease

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A Tale of Three Lyme Disease Smartphone Apps

Teenager creates app that tracks ticks in real time

Girl on a public health mission


Teen-Created Free TickTracker App Goes GlobalSuffering from Lyme disease herself, Olivia Goodreau develops TickTracker to help others avoid serious illness all over the world

Teen-Created Free TickTracker App Goes Global

New app helps fight ticks

New app helps fight ticks

New ‘TickTracker’ app helps fight ticks

New app helps fight ticks

New app helps fight ticks

Health Officials Warn Of Deer Ticks Over Fourth Of July

Teen girl with Lyme disease makes tick-tracking app

Teenager aims to track data to help cure Lyme disease

Battle the Growing Tick Health Threat with Free TickTracker App

Young Girl Develops App that Allows you to Track Ticks

TickTracker Trailer

Bill proposes expanded coverage of antibiotic treatment for Lyme

Track tick sightings and bitings with the new TickTracker App

TickTracker app helps with data, resources

Advocates push to pass Maryland bill that helps those suffering from Lyme disease

Young girl starts foundation to help those with Lyme disease

Teen battling Lyme disease develops app for tracking ticks

Lyme disease: Olivia’s story, the LivLyme Foundation and the TickTracker app

Teenager fights for progress in Lyme disease research

Teenager Creates App To Track Ticks And Fight Lyme Disease


PHOTOS: LivLyme Foundation Gala takes a bite out of Lyme disease

This teen created an app to fight Lyme Disease after she was diagnosed.

Pest Tech: Teen Creates Tick Tracking App

Olivia (LivLyme Foundation). Public comment. Tickborne Disease Working Group. Washington DC. December 2017.

LivLyme Founder, Olivia, Speaks in Washington D.C.

US Tick-Borne Working Group Lauches – Lyme Disease UK

LivLyme Foundation

Twelve-year old Olivia Goodreau started the LivLyme Foundation in January 2017 after she was told that she would live with the debilitating symptoms of Lyme disease for the rest of her life — or until a cure is found.

Denver 7 Covers LivLyme Foundation Gala

Seen: LivLyme Foundation Gala

DENVER – Twelve-year-old Olivia Goodreau started the LivLyme Foundation with the goal of doing everything in her power to “take a bite out of Lyme disease.”

By that she meant raising money to provide financial assistance for children whose families cannot afford the medication needed to control this complicated disease, and to fund the research that will lead to a cure.

Denver girl diagnosed with Lyme disease fighting to bring awareness, find a cure

DENVER – There are not many people in Colorado who know as much about Lyme disease as Olivia Goodreau, who is just 12-years-old.

The Denver girl had no choice but to learn after her own nightmare experience with a tiny tick. She was 7-years-old and enjoying family time at Lake of the Ozarks where her family vacations every summer. Goodreau didn’t realize a tick latched onto her, changing her life forever.

Denver Girl Determined To Fight Lyme Disease

DENVER (CBS4) – You don’t hear much about Lyme disease in Colorado. The ticks that spread the infection aren’t found in the state. But Lyme disease affects about 300,000 people in the U S every year. One of them, an 11-year-old from Denver, has made educating people about Lyme disease her cause.

Fifth Grader Bites Into Lyme Disease

GRALAND – Graland fifth grader Olivia Goodreau is on a mission this month to educate her classmates about a disease that many know nothing about. For Lyme Disease Awareness Month in May, Olivia is sharing her story about a life-changing experience.

“When I was in second grade, I started losing my vision and I couldn’t think straight,” Olivia remembers. “My teacher Ms. Cheadle suggested that my parents take me to the doctor and I spent a week in the hospital getting tested.”

According to the Maine Medical Center, more than half of all deer ticks in Maine are contaminated with Lyme and other pathogens.  9 out of 10 ticks in Southern Maine are deer ticks.