Lyme Doctors

The LivLyme Foundation has complied a list of doctors that our grant applicants see for medical treatment of their Tick-Borne diseases.

Dr First  Last  State/Country
Dr. The Hutton AL
Dr. Martin Reedyk Alberta, Canada
Dr. Robert Ellsworth AZ
Dr. Jeff Jorabout AZ
Dr. Ian Mitch AZ
Dr. Ken Mitchell AZ
Dr. Nic Peters AZ
Dr. Yosef AZ
Dr. Wayne Anderson CA
Dr. William Buckner CA
Dr. Jacqueline Chan CA
Dr. Gitlin CA
Dr. Christine Green CA
Dr. Steven Harris CA
Dr. Elliot Jacobson CA
Dr. Ray Patel CA
Dr. Sunjya Schweig CA
Dr. Raphel Stricker CA
Dr. Jordan Brown CO
Dr. Debby Hamilton CO
Michael Kehoe CO
Dr. Kinderlehrer CO
Tina Liang Zhang CO
Dr. Shawn Naylor CO
Dr. Michael Zona CO
Dr. Charles Ray Jones CT
Dr. Katz CT
Dr. Thomas Moorcoft CT
Dr. Zijad Sabovic CT
Dr. Joseph Jemsek DC
Dr. Corn FL
Dr. Amar Kalidas FL
Dr. Bill Cebelski GA
Dr. Jill Dickerson GA
Dr. Jennifer Swearingen IA
Dr. Nitgz IL
Dr. Donald Raden IL
Dr. Fred Schultz IL
Dr. Mary Ann Halseman IN
Dr. Kimberly Lentz IN
Dr. Jeffrey Smith IN
Dr. Charles Crist KS
Dr. Keith Blair LA
Dr. Tom Donivan LA
Dr. Jonathan Forester LA
Dr. Krouse MA
Dr. Katherine Lantsman MA
Dr. Jillian Mahoney MA
Dr. Quinn MA
Dr. Jeffrey Satnick MA
Dr. Sultana Afrooz MD
Dr. Nathaniel Aucott MD
Dr. Norton Fishman MD
Dr. Hope MD
Dr. Peitrowski MD
Dr. Stephanie Relseth MD
Dr. Ken Singleton MD
Jacob Aguair ME
Dr. Carrie Chojnowski ME
Rebecca Keith MI
Dr. Courtney Keith MN
Rebecca Keith MN
Dr. Helen Odland MN
Dr. Thomas Sult MN
Dr. Diana Smith MO
Dr. Timothy Callaghan MS
Dr. John Monhollon MS
Dr First  Last  State/Country
Dr. Ravenel NC
Dr. Laura Chan NH
Dr. Andrew Chavalier NH
Dr. Julie Greenspan NH
Dr. Jodie Dashore NJ
Dr. Michelle Deantonio NJ
Dr. Steven Streit NJ
Dr. Bruce Fong NV
Dr. Randall Gates NV
Dr. Steven Bock NY
Dr. Kari Boreni NY
Dr. Steven Buck NY
Dr. Daniel Cameron NY
Dr. Jodie Dashore NY
Dr. Michele DeAntonio NY
Dr. Shannon Delaney NY
Dr. Brian Fallon NY
Dr. Elena Frid NY
Dr. Richard Horowitz NY
Dr. Ken Liegner NY
Jennifer Lown, NP NY
Dr. Alfred Miller NY
Dr. Jeffrey Morrison NY
Dr. Bernard Raxlen NY
Natasha Ruiz NY
Dr. Laura Skaggs NY
Dr. Ronald Stram NY
Dr. Tao NY
Dr. Ernest Visconti NY
Dr. David Younger NY
Dr. Phillip DeMio OH
Dr. Allen Lewis OH
Dr. Nick Parrason OH
Dr. Eric Chan Ontario, Canada
Dr. Klinghart Ontario, Canada
Dr. Cory Tichauer OR
Dr. Gary Tichauer OR
Dr. John Brow PA
Dr. Martin Gallagher PA
Dr. Charles Ray Jones PA
Dr. Clarence Mast PA
Dr. Lawrence Miller PA
Rita Rhoads Martinez, NP PA
Dr. Shannon Smith PA
Dr. Chris Turnpaugh PA
Jennifer Goldstock, ANP RI
Dr. Thomas Rau Switzerland
Dr. Timothy Callaghan TN
Dr. Nancy Sprouse TN
Dr. Dan Forrer TX
Dr. Brad Offutt TX
Dr. Seshagiri Rao TX
Dr. Marus Boyles UT
Victoria Sucher UT
Dr. Laura Stone VA
Dr. Janine Talty VA
Alexis Chesney VT
Dr. John Green WA
Dr. Boch WI
Erica Lynn WI
Dr. Kristin Reynolds WI
Dr. Robert Waters WI

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare providers for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of Lyme Disease. The LivLyme Foundation makes no warranties of any kind regarding the website, including as to the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information contained herein, and all such warranties are expressly disclaimed.

Fleas, Mosquitoes, Bed bugs, Flies. & other insects are now carriers of Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia.

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