Olivia Goodreau

Holiday Goodreau
Executive Director

Denise Erwin
Director of Outreach

Jeff Stauffer
Chief Data Officer

April Bartels
Branding & Design Coordinator

Kelly Diekmann
Website Coordinator

Board Members

Cindy Cheadle
Aimee Coleman
Holiday Goodreau
Olivia Goodreau (Honorary Chair)
Stan Goodreau
Barbara Grogan
Colonel Nicole Malachowski, Ret.
Paul Owen

Advisory Board

Jonathan Coleman
Dr. Karyn Goodman
Dr. Richard Horowitz
Dag Kittlaus
Dr. Jayakumar Rajadas
Dr. Eva Sapi
Dr. Ying Zhang

Lyme disease is on every continent including Antarctica. Scientist found Lyme disease on penguins in Antarctica.

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