Become a LivLyme Legacy Partner

How can I get involved?

  • Educate the public, family, friends, and co workers
  • Fundraise for kids that cannot afford their Lyme medication & doctors’ visits, and fundraise for scientific research for better treatment, better drugs, and to find a cure for everyone that suffers from Lyme Disease.

2018 Legacy Winner

Our 2018 “LivLyme Legacy” Award winner Paul Owen. Paul ran an Ultra Marathon of 414 miles from OH to DC in 18 days to raise Lyme awareness and he raised over $35,000 for LivLyme grants for kids. Paul is a Vet and a Lyme Warrior himself. Thank you Paul for all you do for The LivLyme Foundation.


Educate your friends and the public about Lyme Disease and the LivLyme Foundation.
Have a booth at your local fair, health conference, public conference, sportsman conference, community gathering, etc. Educate them about the LivLyme Foundation, and what we are doing, and educate them about Lyme Disease.


Invite your friends, family, co-worker and community over to your house, church, park, restaurant, community center, etc. Educate them about the LivLyme Foundation, and what we are doing, and educate them about Lyme Disease.


Plan a fundraising event to raise money for the LivLyme Foundation to support children that cannot afford their Lyme medication and doctors visits and for scientific research to find a cure for everyone that suffers from Lyme disease. You can also plan a fundraising event for the TickTracker APP to help substain this app and create new technologies to track and report ticks in real-time using geolocation.

How to get started…


Decide what you want to do

See examples below. Please contact us BEFORE you start your event.


Get your LivLyme Legacy Authorization Certificate

This certificate will let your donors know that you are a LivLyme Legacy Member. Register below


Print some flyers (below)

Print out our flyers and educational pamphlets to have at your event. See below


Send out a press release

If you are having an event that is open to the public your local newpaper, TV and, radio stations might be interested. Contact them by emailing, calling or send a press release, and let them know what you are doing.


Tag LivLyme and TickTracker

Tag us on Social media regarding your event. We are on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linkden


Tell LivLyme how it went

Send us pictures and a paragraph about your event and we will post on our LivLyme Legacy page on our website. Please send to

Decide how you want to be a LivLyme Legacy Partner

Need some ideas? What are you good at? Everyone is good at something. Here are some of our favorite ideas…

Art sale
Bake sale
Balloon or Lantern release
Battle of the bands
Beard Shaving
Bike race
Birthday party
Book sale
Chili cook off
Classic car show
Climb a mountain
Cocktail party
Create an obstacle course event
Cross Fit challenge
Cultural cuisine night
Dance competition
Dance Party
Dinner party
Easter Egg Hunt
Eating competition
Eating contest
Estate sale
Fashion show
Football game
Game night
Garage sale
Garden sale
Geography Bee
Girls night out/in
Give up a bad habit
Haircut party
Halloween party
Haunted House fundraiser
Have a carnival
Have a rubber duck race
Have a walk-and-paw-a-thon
Head Shaving
Hold a car wash
Hold a dog wash
Hold your own Olympic games
Holiday party
Host a backyard Barbecue
Host a community picnic
Host a dorm or office decorating contest
Host a family fun day
Host a field day
Host a fitness class
Host a fundraising walk
Host a golf tournament
Host a memorial dinner
Host a multicultural fair
Host a pajama party
Host a parent party
Host a pet party
Host a potluck
Host a Rock-a-thon
Host a seasonal fundraiser
Host a sign-a-thon
Host a sports skill clinic
Host a talent show
Host a tree planting event
Host an art auction
Host an art show
Jazz night
Kid’s craft party
Kids face painting event
Lemonade stand
Lyme Challege
Matched giving
Movie screening
New Year’s Eve dance/party
Obstacle course race
Office challenge
Office Fundraising
Organize a trivia night
Orthodontic rubber band challenge
Pancake breakfast
Pie Throwing contest
Plant sale
Run a race or marathon
School picnic
Shoe drive
Silent auction
Singles event
Spa day
Spelling Bee
Sponsor a walk or race
Sports Tournament
Themed fundraising party
Wine Tasting
Xbox/PlayStation competition
Yoga marathon
Zip Line
We love hearing about new ideas. If you have one, email us at

We thank you for becoming a LivLyme Legacy Partner. We so appreciate your time and effort to help spread the word about LivLyme and raise much needed funding for kids with Lyme, research to find a cure, and to raise much needed awareness about Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease.

Some Legacy Partners

Printables & Sharables


Are there easy ways to fundraise at home?

Here is how you can fundraise from your home!

  1. Send emails to your friends, family, co workers and community. Tell them about LivLyme and TickTracker. Have them go to our website, and they can donate directly there.
  2. Post on your social media and tell your community about LivLyme and TickTracker; encourage them to visit our websites where they can donate and tag LivLyme and TickTracker.
  3. SHOP online to support LivLyme
    -Amazon Smiles
    -PayPal Give
    – #GivingTuesday
Can I request my donation to go either to kids, research or TickTracker?
Yes you can.
Where do I get materials for LivLyme or TickTracker?
We have printable materials you can download or we can also send you some with enough time.
Who do they make the checks out to?
The LivLyme Foundation or TickTracker
Where do I send my checks to?
The LivLyme Foundation
700 N. Colorado Blvd. #674
Denver, CO 80206
What if they want to pay by credit card?
They can donate through PayPal or
What if I want to set up my own website or link for giving to my event.
Go to to set up a donation page with donation going to LivLyme Foundation or TickTracker.

Register to be a LivLyme Legacy Partner

Crows common city dwellers, can be hosts to pathogen carrying ticks.  In one recent study, 33% of crows sampled carried ticks positive for Anaplasma & two strains of Rickettsia (co diseases of Lyme).