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About Tick Tracker

In July of 2017, 13 year old Olivia was on vacation in Missouri with her family.  While outside Olivia noticed little black spots on her do Mo (short for Missouri).  Mo had over 300 “poppy seed” ticks on his front paw. As Olivia and her Mom started to try and remove all the ticks, Olivia asked her Mom, “Is there an app that can show what ticks are around us?”.  That night Olivia looked online and found that currently there was no app to help track, report and educate people about ticks.  This gave Olivia the idea to create the TickTracker app to help keep everyone safe. (Add picture and video from the front page)

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Do you have a conference, meeting, fair, educational forum, trade show, or you just want to help spread the word about TickTracker. We can send you a TickTracker Info Kit with a TickTracker postcard stand, TickTracker postcards, stickers and bracelets. 

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Would you like to become a TickTracker Sponsor on our app or website? Please contact info@ticktracker.com to learn more.

TickTracker and TickTockBoom game were selected to participate in the US Health and Human Services “TOP (The Opportunity Project) Health” 14 week tech sprint. Olivia is the youngest inventor of an app to participate in this event. 

6% of China’s 1.4 Billion population has Lyme disease.  That is 84 million people living in China with Lyme disease.