TickTracker App

Hi! It’s Olivia,

I am excited to announce my new FREE app called TickTracker. This app will help keep you safe by allowing you to track & report ticks in real-time with geolocation. TickTracker also educates you about ticks, tick-borne diseases, the proper way to remove a tick & resources to help you stay safe.

The data we collect will help us determine tick-borne disease outbreaks, tick migration, and tick data so that we can send alerts to our users.

I hope to have TickTracker world wide within the next couple of months.

So please share this with your friends & family, especially those in tick infested areas. Let’s start tracking!!

Creator & Inventor | TickTracker

Daryl Hall & Olivia
Singer Kendra Springs & Olivia
Lyme disease is on every continent including Antarctica. Scientist found Lyme disease on penguins in Antarctica.
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